A Payment Platform That Gives You Instant Global Reach

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Fund A Virtual Card
Fund A Virtual Card
Fund A Virtual Card

today’s business


You need to board new clients quickly and understand who they are


You need the ability to create new accounts on the fly

You need to pay every business in your marketplace for their services


A Payment Platform That Gives You Instant Global Reach

ProfitPay’s all-in-one Hospitality Portal fulfills Sale to Supplier in one integration that protects your payments, processes worldwide, and fulfills with our Virtual Card API for your Hospitality company under your companies descriptor!

Teaming up with ProfitPay allows you to focus on your business, scale, and raise profits through our real-time payments and virtual cards.



Track your customer spend by keeping the PNR through the customer lifecycle.

Gig Economy

Supplier Payments

Do better. Turbocharge your existing ecosystem by plugging it into our technology. Pay Suppliers in Real-Time.



Pay vendors in real-time with Virtual Cards and get unlimited Cashback.


We are here to help you scale faster

2.2% + 20¢

per succesful charge

Increase conversion rates by providing a frictionless check-out experience all across the globe*.


No setup fees. No hidden fees.

Seamless API Integrations.

Ready to install plugins with the most popular shopping carts.

*Available to US based businesses only.

The Virtual Card Advantage for Hospitality

  • Issue the card in your customer’s name to add a layer of personalization to the reservation and secure the trip.
  • Protect Your Cashflow by securing bookings with a card and only adding funds when needed.

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