Issue Unlimited Virtual Cards for Unlimited Campaigns in the US, Canada and Europe (in USD), earning Unlimited Cashback!

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Fund A Virtual Card
Fund A Virtual Card
Fund A Virtual Card
Fund A Virtual Card
Fund A Virtual Card
Fund A Virtual Card
Fund A Virtual Card
Fund A Virtual Card
Fund A Virtual Card

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You are fronting the advertising cost on behalf of your clients

It takes 30-45+ days to collect your service fees

You entirely depend on your clients processor to get paid


One Click. All Attribution

Are you tired of having a different credit cards on each social media platform? With One Click Campaign, advertisers can use a virtual card for each platform on every campaign. Now you can track your Ads and understand every spending insight.

make additional capital

Without Changing Anything In Your Business

 Unlimited Cashback on all your Media Spend.

Unlimited Cashback

media buying

Allowing You to Issue Unlimited Cards for Unlimited Campaigns

ProfitPay Virtual Credit Cards allow an unparalleled level of precision for agencies managing Ad accounts.


Unlimited Cashback

Earn Unlimited Cashback on all your media spend, no caps or limits. Reduce operational costs so you can put money back into growing your business.

Reduce administrative burden

Reduce Administrative Burden

Export card by card transactions to tie spend back to the client or campaign. 

No More Banned Accounts

No More Banned Accounts

Prevent banned or even suspended accounts with low balance alerts. Get notified when you are about to reach the threshold you set. 

Reloadable cards

Reloadable Cards

Reloadable cards can be used over and over so long as funds are added, and Multi-Use can be used until the card balance is depleted. 

Fast Transactions


Create unlimited cards and manage each campaign with its own card so you can track and trace spend and obtain granular purchase insights.



All of your campaigns are easily visible, clearly showing the card tied to each. Not only will you be streamlining your campaigns, but you also have full real-time visibility of cashback earned on each transaction.

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